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DORMIS in a gated neighborhood, located within Los Juncos neighborhood, West Highway km 69.5 – Luján.

A few meters from the Montessori School, a pioneering institution in our countries application of the Montessori pedagogy.

Complex of 2 and 4 room units with their own amenities, integrated into an imposing natural environment.

  • 5 blocks of Premium apartments
  • 27 two room units
  • 33 four room units
  • 97 garages
  • Irregular pool measuring approximately 65 x 35 meters with clear sand beaches
  • 4 Jacuzzi’s – 20 m2 with a solar heating water system
  • 2 tennis courts
  • Outdoor recreation sector

PREMIUM Construction

General Terms:

➢ Masonry dividing units in hollow ceramic brick.
➢ Enclosure dividing wall: DOUBLE wall with air chamber.
➢ Reinforced concrete structure.
➢ Exterior finishes: fine waterproofed plaster, Tarquini type coating.
➢ Reinforced or applied plaster ceilings as appropriate.
➢ Interior walls with plaster finish.
➢ Aluminum openings with double hermetic glass – DVH.
➢ Porcelain floor in living-dining room and kitchen.
➢ Bedroom with simile wood-like porcelain floor and front closet with sliding doors.
➢ Interior doors plate.
➢ Hot and cold water installation in first line thermofusion.
➢ Electric water heater for hot water distribution, stove and electric oven. In the event that the natural gas distribution company supplies the building, these will be exchanged for a kitchen and gas hot water tank / water heater as needed.
➢ Bathroom: shower, vanity and accessories sector, top brand faucets, floor to ceiling porcelain tile.
➢ Complete kitchen equipment with high and low cabinets in 1.8 mm melamine plate with PVC edge boarding. Doors and drawers with premium soft-close hardware and Tandembox drawers.
➢ Granite kitchen countertops, stainless steel sink and top quality single lever taps.
➢ Installation of the air conditioners in living-dining room and bedrooms.
➢ Pipes (empty) for cable TV and telephone installation.
➢ Space for individual grills in each department.

Sustainable Features

  • Solar panels for common spaces: Photovoltaic Solar Energy offers benefits to the environment and savings systems, positively impacting the owners’ pockets. It ensures the power supply in situations of unforeseen power outages.
  • Irrigation system with rainwater capture: Reusing this natural resource for irrigation helps save money and benefits the environment.
  • Recycling bins: The first step to have a garbage recycling policy and to therefore, reduce environmental pollution.
  • Double brick wall: With an air chamber achieving double water-repellent insulation that allows to preserve the ambient temperature, reducing electricity consumption.
  • Double glass openings (DVH): Provides savings in air conditioning because of its hermetic chamber due to the use of a double glass.





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