Punta de Arenas VI

Atlantic Coast | Independencia 2767



This undertaking is destined to be an emblematic tower of thezone, either because of its height (17-story tower, 16 floors of houses / offices, 1 common space floor) or because of its cultural value.

Inside,there are 2 murals, by the painter, architect and cartoonist Juan Carlos Castagnino (born in Mar del Plata and globally known), which will add value to this new tower.

It will be located on 2700 Independencia Av. (between Garay and Rawson), on one of the main avenues of the city, which connects the north and south of Mar del Plata, giving easy access to anywhere you want to go.

The privileged location not only because of its proximity to the city center, it is an extremely interesting place for tourists; also, Mar del Plata is one of the main receptive cities at the university level in the interior of the province, this building is strategically located in the center of the most important educational institutions (UNMDP was ranked among the four best universities at the national level https://www.lacapitalmdp.com/launmdp-es-la-cuarta-mejor-de-la-argentina-de-acuerdo-a-un-rankingmundial/).

But we must add that the most renowned health centers in the city are just a few blocks away.

The emblematic Miter Square and the picturesque Peralta Ramos Square adds highly chosen green spaces and are just a few meters away. For all that has been mentioned and more, Punta de Arenas VI will become an emblematic building in the city.

  • Solar panels for common spaces: Photovoltaic Solar Energy offers environmental benefits and savings systems, positively impacting the owners’ pockets. It ensures the power supply in situations of unforeseen power outages.
  • Vertical outdoor gardens: They will help purify the air, reduce and regulate the room temperature.
  • Charging stations for electric cars: They will provide electricity for the rapid recharge of the batteries of electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Irrigation system with rainwater capture: The reuse of this natural resource for irrigation saves money and benefits the care of the environment.
  • Recycling bins: The first step to have a garbage recycling policy and thus reduce environmental pollution.
  • Double brick wall: With an air chamber achieving double water-repellent insulation that allows to preserve the ambient temperature, reducing electricity consumption.
  • Double glass openings (DVH): Provides savings in air conditioning due to its hermetic chamber due to the use of a double glass.

Premium Construction.

  • Reinforced concrete structure with double wall exterior enclosures with an air chamber and double water-repellent insulation.
  • Exterior finishes with Tarquini-type plastic paint, latex on walls and ceilings, and synthetic enamel prior to being converted to metalframes. DVH white aluminum openings.
  • Installation of and air conditioning in living room and bedroom with the provision of drains.
  • Pipes for cable and telephone installation.
  • Installation of hot and cold water in thermo fusion.
  • Porcelain floors in the living room, bathroom and kitchen in front of a closet from floor to ceiling, with interiors.
  • Plaster ceilings reinforced or applied with buñas.
  • Interior walls with white plaster latex painted finish.
  • Top quality entrance doors, reinforced with door viewer and security lock.
  • Bathroom: shower column, vanity and accessories, fv faucets, floor to ceiling porcelain coating and mirrors.
  • Complete kitchen equipment with high and low cabinets made in combination of colors with edges.
  • Kitchen appliance with a top quality oven.
  • Radiator heating with dual individual boiler.
  • Granite kitchen countertop, double stainless steel sink and single lever FV faucet.
  • Balconies overlooking the street with deck and grill.
  • Intercom color viewfinder with camera.
  • Latest generation elevators.








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